Personal Chef Service


How Does It Work?


We start by investigating what you eat and what you’d like to eat in the future. 

We discover your food preferences and aversions, allergies and/or special diets through a detailed food questionnaire.

Menu Planning

About a week before your delivery day, Chef Chris will create a custom menu tailored specifically to you and the size of your family. 

With your approval, we’ll prepare recipes and create shopping lists.


Prepared at our commercial kitchen, your meals are cooked, chilled, and packaged by our culinary team. 

When possible, we use produce from our amazing local farms.

..and do it again

How did we do? That’s our first question. Your feedback helps us fine tune your meals. 

We’ll work together to create the next menu. Are you having company come next week? 

We can bump up the number of portions or add a vegan option. Whatever works for you.

Chef Chris Capps

Sample Menus

Here are a few of the dishes created by Chef Chris. He’ll work with you to create meals your family will love. 

We can accommodate your specific preferences and dietary goals.