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Why Mealtime Market?

"I'm bringing family dinner back. I'm saving you time by delivering meals right to your door. No shopping, no prepping, no stress. Oh, and the food happens to be really good. I cook so you don't have to."
Chris Capps
Chef and Co-owner

Meals for Two

$59.95 / week

Meals for Four

$119.95 / week

Meals for Six

$179.95 / week

How does it work?

Affordable & Easy

Every week, a cooler bag packed with two delicious gourmet meals is left at your doorstep. Meal plans are for 2, 4, and 6. Heat and eat.

Omnivore and Vegetarian Options!

Home Delivery

We make this easy for you. Every Thursday we bring your cooler bag right to your door. Your (epically delicious) meals are sweetly packed in their earth-friendly reusable containers.

All you need to do is leave last week’s containers out for us to pick up. They only need to be rinsed. It’s that easy.

Local Ingredients

We know you care about where your food is grown. It is very important to us too. For this reason, we will always source locally first.

Walla Walla is home to many amazing family farms and Mealtime Market is grateful for them. We do our best to honor our farmers by creating unique seasonal menus that constantly change.

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