We deliver really good food using local ingredients. We've already cooked it for you. All you have to do is heat and eat. Serving the Walla Walla Valley since 2017.


Why Mealtime Market?

"I'm bringing family dinner back. I'm saving you time by delivering meals right to your door. No shopping, no prepping, no stress. Oh, and the food happens to be really good. I cook so you don't have to."

Chris Capps, chef and co-owner

Meals For Two


Meals For Four


Meals For Six


Plus sales tax and a $3.00 delivery fee.

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Affordable & Easy

Every week, a cooler bag packed with two delicious gourmet meals is left at your doorstep. Meal plans are for 2, 4, and 6. Heat and eat.

Omnivore and Vegetarian Options!

  • Two Complete Entrees And A Large Dinner Salad Per Week
  • Convenient Home Delivery
  • More Affordable Than Dining Out
  • Leave The Shopping, Prepping & Cooking To Us!
Home Delivery

We make this easy for you. Every Thursday we bring your cooler bag right to your door. Your (epically delicious) meals are sweetly packed in their earth-friendly reusable containers. All you need to do is leave last week's containers out for us to pick up. They only need to be rinsed. It's that easy.

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Local Ingredients

We know you care about where your food is grown. It is very important to us too. For this reason, we will always source locally first. Walla Walla is home to many amazing family farms and Mealtime Market is grateful for them. We do our best to honor our farmers by creating unique seasonal menus that constantly change.

  • A.R. Teal’s Produce
  • Birch Creek Farms
  • Dixie Acre Farm
  • Hayshaker Farm
  • Miles Away Farm
  • Welcome Table Farm

Members & Friends

"Mealtime Market provides my family with healthy, thoughtfully prepared meals that are a breeze to heat up and have on the table in a snap. I love the fact that much of the Produce is locally sourced and the food is conveniently delivered to my front door in easy to clean, earth friendly reusable containers."

"As very busy professionals, my husband and I rely on Mealtime Market’s delicious, local, fully-prepped meals to maximize our time together in the evenings."

"We have enjoyed seeing Chris each week at our farm store. They are commented to sourcing local which makes for delicious meals. We have been lucky to enjoy some ourselves."

Amy Dietrich Frog Hollow Farm

"Our whole family looks forward to our Mealtime Market delivery each week. Fresh food supporting our local economy, things we wouldn’t normally try or fix and delivered right to our door!"

michelle carpenter
Michelle Carpenter Walla Walla Public Schools
"Love having this opportunity in our area, So easy, convenient and economical! The food prepared radiates flavor - fabulous! Gourmet flavors delivered to your home! Thank you, Chris for adding Milton-Freewater to your delivery route! We so appreciate it!"
Leslie and Leonard Brown Earl E Brown & Sons Inc

"Our Mealtime Market delivery is a weekly pleasure we truly look forward to receiving. Each large blue bag is filled with fresh, healthy, delicious meals. Every delivery is a beautiful variety of taste delights."

Jan Roskelley TERO Estates

"Because I have saved all the cards that come with each delivery, I looked back and see that we have been happy customers since March 28, 2018.  Congratulations are in order to You, Christopher, for launching what has proved in one year to be a very successful business.  Rand and I look forward each week to the Thursday delivery day with anticipation of the meals inside the attractive blue insulated bag.  Such variety you have offered; I don’t believe there has been one repetition, which, as a non-cook, I find remarkable!  We are not vegetarians, but sure appreciate the root vegetables like the recent parsnips that appeared.  Also, we love it that you state where the ingredients originate (local farms).  We are happy whenever we see skirt steak, beef or pork tenderloin, roast beef, baby back ribs....We like having the garnishes or dressings on the side."

Lynn and Rand Sealey

"Mealtime Market solves the problem of what’s for dinner, delivering top-quality gourmet dinners right to our door!"

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